Signs of alcoholism

When it is necessary to consult a doctor?

Signs of alcoholism

Signs of alcoholism

• If control over alcohol consumption is lost. When once started, a person can’t stop drinking.

• If there are pathological behavior changes under alcohol influence. When in a state of drunkenness a person becomes aggressive, irritable,violent.

• If there is loss of memory. When the next morning after drinking a person can’t recall the last night events.

• If there are changes in interests. When a person persistently strives to create situations where he would spend more time in company with drinkers.When a person moves away from the old friends, loses interest in sport andother kind of activities.His family relationships get broken.

• If the next day after drinking the man’s poor health condition badly affects performance capacity.

• If a person out of alcohol influence feels nervous, irritable. When he often makes troubles with people around in order to justify drinking afterwards.

• If there are sleep disorders after consuming alcohol.

• If a person persists on driving while intoxicated.

• If there is a need to take alcohol in early hours to ease a hangover.

• If a person repeatedly promises to stop drinking, but never fulfills the promises.


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