Alcohol addicts do not see signs of alcoholism. Why?

Why a person with alcohol addiction problems is unable to seethe problems.

Signs of alcoholism

Signs of alcoholism

• Because alcohol consumption is associated with pleasant feelings, atmosphere of rejoicing, fun, and a person thinks that he doesn’t deserve that deprivation. Many people have illusion that life without alcohol is a punishment.

• Because many people are afraidof other peoplereaction to the fact that they don’t drink. They are often ashamed of that situation thinking that the fact they don’t drink now makes people around think that they had the problem with alcohol before.

• Because many people have the protective reactions to situations when they are ashamed to admit their weakness, when they prefer to deny the problem, when they blame other people for their problems, when they lie and manipulate.

• Because there are physical and psychological need for alcohol. Therefore, even if in the morning a man says «No more alcohol», it can’t guarantee that in theevening he won’t appear drunk.

• Because alcohol changes the system of life values .Job, family, reputation, everything takes a back seat. The bottle becomes the most important and desirable thing in life of alcoholic.

• Because there are biochemical changes in brain of an alcoholic, changes in psyche. An alcoholic isunable to control his behavior; his memory suffers; his personality degrades.

Where to start?

• It is important that you understand the situation and accept the fact that you alone are unable to solve the problem and you need help of specialists.  Agreements within the family or friends, or acquainted psychiatrist advices simply don’t work. Visits of Alcoholics Anonymous, family therapy or treatment can help.

• Usually it is very difficult to obtain patient’s consent for treatment. Manipulations, promises, entreaties, oaths can’t substitutethe common sense.  If an alcoholic many times gave the promises, but every time failed to fulfill them, then the miracle won’t happen and he won’t agree for treatment.  In that situation you must be firm.

• Make a plan and stick to it. If an alcoholic is unwilling to listen to anything, be prepared to resort to using relatives, friends, police, bosses and etc.  Fear of publicityof the problem can make a person to agree to pass treatment.  Don’t be ashamed to report cases of violence to the police. Only on that ground the court may order the compulsory treatment.

• Collect materials. Sometimes pictures or video on phone of how an alcoholic looks like or behaves in a drunken state helps him to make the decision for treatment.

• If all the attempts to persuade an alcoholic for treatment fail, be ready to leave him. You are not responsible for someone else’s life. He must take his own responsibility. Think about yourself and your children.



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