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Symptoms of alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction symptoms Alcoholism is a serious chronic disease associated with the violation of enzyme, neurochemical and psychological mechanisms of alcohol consumption. Simply put, there are people who are indifferent to alcohol, who can control alcohol consumption. And there are people who can’t.  Such people once have got the feeling of the effects of alcohol […]

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How alcohol affects the body

Alcohol affects all organs and systems of the body. Depending on genetic predisposition and co-existing diseases the patient may develop one or more disorders from: Nervous system Cardiovascular system Liver Digestive system Other organs and systems   After 10-15 years of alcohol abuse all mentioned disorders become irreversible. Female alcoholics who continue drinking  during pregnancy run […]

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Alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction Alcoholism (alcohol addiction) – is a chronic progressive disease featured by continuous, compulsive and uncontrollable consumption of alcohol with all following negative mental, physical and social consequences. Chronic means that in terms of alcohol addiction there is no absolute recovery once and forever. For example, a person stops drinking alcohol after treatment and lives a […]

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Some people trying escape from the problems often appeal to alcohol. Indeed, alcohol initially briefly improves mood, enhances self-confidence,reduces stress.  Under alcohol influence a person feels nice, warm and comfortable. But alcohol can’t solve the problems. It only allows a person to forget them for a while.  And as a soon as effects of alcohol […]

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Alcohol, drugs and gambling addiction treatments
  • Rapid drug detox
  • Naltrexone implant: 2 , 3, 6, 12 months
  • Ibogaine treatment
  • Painless detoxification from heroin, subutex, methadone, crack, ecstasy ...
  • Treatment of psychological addiction from narcotics and alcohol
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